FootballIn is a Mobile/Web application platform hereinafter referred as “Platform”, with its primary focus on enabling Football players and trainers help to discover each other.

Individuals using the Platform are referred to as, "Users," and Administrators, Developers maintaining this Platform are referred to as "Platform Owners"

User Profile specific Information published on the Platform is based on the sole discretion of the User and is owned by them collectively and / or individually as may be applicable. Platform Owners do not take any responsibility or liability for the content published on the Platform by the Users.

In order to ensure data security, the usage of any third-party keyboard is restricted for the Platform and only standard keyboard is to be used while using the Platform. The Users are advised to visit the "Settings" and change the keyboard type to "Standard". Platform Owners shall not be responsible or liable for any data breach or any consequence, if in case the User decides to use any third-party keyboard in the Platform.

Platform Owners do not sell or render any of the services and or products offered by the Users as applicable as the case may be. The Users as may be applicable are solely responsible and liable for sale/quality/features of the services and or products being offered/availed on this Platform.

Platform Owners neither guarantee nor give any warranty or representation with respect to the offers made by the User on this Platform.

Platform Owners are neither endorsing the Users nor any services or products being offered by the by User on this Platform. Platform Owners are not a party in any manner to any service and or product that may be rendered/procured through this Platform and therefore shall not be liable or responsible for any act of commission and omission by the User.

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User acknowledges that the Platform Owners have the discretion to deactivate any Platform User. For query related to this, Users should reach out to info@footballin.net

For any Platform related queries, the user should write to info@footballin.net